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sage-about Sage Land Solutions, LLC, is a New Mexico full service real estate and natural resources company that can assure that you optimize the return and use of your land and natural resources whether you are a private land owner, government land owner or a developer. We also offer the same full range of services to any potential user of land or natural resources that is looking for the right property. We are not real estate brokers.

Sage Land Solutions, LLC is a team of independent New Mexican advisors with a broad range of real estate, land, and natural resources expertise and experience who have worked together on many successful real estate, land, and natural resources projects. Renewable energy projects – wind, solar, geothermal, and transmission are all areas of extensive experience, including New Mexico’s largest wind and solar facilities. We have worked on some of New Mexico’s most successful and largest residential and mixed-use projects and have created and obtained public financing tools for necessary infrastructure.   Sage Land Solutions, LLC’ members have successfully obtained and sold rights of way for small- and large-scale projects whether they were roads, highways, power lines, telecommunications, water, or sewer. Sage Land Solutions, LLC team’s skill and expertise has helped create major economic development engines and has created numerous public/private partnerships that have resulted in maximizing the power of both sectors for optimum return for land owners and developers alike – both public and private.

As a team, Sage Land Solutions, LLC has expertise in marketing, positioning, obtaining necessary public approvals, deal structuring, public financing, and infrastructure developing, extracting minerals and leveraging multiple uses for maximum return.

If you are a New Mexico land owner interested in learning how to use your land and natural resources to optimize your return on your real estate and natural resources assets while retaining your ownership and your way of life, we can help make that happen.

If you are a government or non-profit entity that owns land or natural resources in New Mexico and you need to gain a return while keeping ownership and meeting your mission objectives, Sage Land Solutions, LLC is the team that knows how to accomplish that with smart, safe but successful public/private partnerships.

If you are a developer of land for any purpose and need to acquire the property in the most efficient manner, manage public concerns, obtain public financing of infrastructure, and basically avoid the pitfalls that are specific to New Mexico, Sage Land Solutions, LLC can help assure your success.   Sage Land Solutions, LLC is the New Mexico team that has the experience and expertise to assure you of success in dealing with land and natural resource challenges and opportunities.